3D-Profiles are manufactured from aluminium band of 0,5mm thickness, painted in RAL colours of 40% matt and 60% gloss structure. Available widths of profiles: 60mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 167mm and 217mm. Profiles allow to create letters and signs from 30cm height up to 200cm height. 3D-Profile is a main bearing element of a sign, making up a construction of a compact block which is a final product- advertising channel letters and signs.
All details of using profiles and training instructions are shown in the computer animation which You can find by clicking on “Training animation of using 3D-Profiles” bookmark on our web-site.
Our company is able to manufacture profiles in any width and colour, of course on different terms which incorporate higher MOQ and additional costs. MOQ of given widths:

Minimum order quantities of 3D-Profiles in RAL colours not available in our standard offer:
Width of 3D-Profile:

60mm MOQ: 3200m
100mm MOQ: 2200m
120mm MOQ: 1800m
140mm MOQ: 1600m
167mm MOQ: 1500m
217mm MOQ: 1500m

Costs of manufacturing widths not available in our standard offer are calculated individually and depend on the quantity of ordered profile