PMMA Glue no. 1

Klej PMMA płynny nr 1 - klej jednoskładnikowy, bezbarwny
PMMA Liquid Adhesive No. 1 – This is a one-component, clear liquid adhesive with a strong odor. The adhesive was developed by Polish specialists specifically for bonding “Profil-3D.” It is used for the initial bonding of the “Profil-3D” strip with the front of the letter. It precedes the process of gluing with the thick adhesive PLEX 9021-0. It is used for constructing letters no larger than 80 cm.

The adhesive is packaged in metal cans with capacities of 0.25 liters and 0.5 liters. One 0.25-liter package of adhesive allows for 100-150 meters of bonding. The adhesive is dispensed from a special clear bottle with a capacity of 50 ml. Application is done by attaching a needle to the tip of the dispenser. The adhesive should be applied in a small amount to prevent leakage. For training purposes, it is recommended to make trial joints using clear PMMA. The test helps determine the method and amount of adhesive to be dispensed. Initial bonding of the adhesive occurs after 30 minutes. After this time, thick adhesive can be applied. This adhesive should not be used for bonding the “Edge Profile – 3D” strip with PMMA. The adhesive should be stored in a cool place (do not freeze). The optimal gluing temperature is 25°C.

PMMA Glue - Safety

Warning: The adhesive is very harmful to health. Before use, read the adhesive’s safety data sheet and strictly adhere to it. Do not use the adhesive in rooms without proper ventilation. It is mandatory to wear a mask to protect the face and respiratory tract from adhesive fumes.
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