klej MetalPlex

MetalPlex Glue

  Constructional MetalPlex glue is used for bonding signs and letters of height up to 200cm. It is a two component glue, not clear of a navy blue colour, with a very fast bonding time of 20 minutes. Time of usage after mixing two components: 8-12 minutes. MetalPlex glue is applied with a special dozing gun type H-285, and mixed in a nozzle attached to glue’s cartridge. Glue is sold in 380ml cartridges. One cartridge of Monolith 342-1 glue can bond 25m of 3D Profiles, or 3D Edge Profiles.
MetalPlex glue bonds metals and plastics. It can replace many old types of connections, like rivets, screws, etc.
Glue should be stored in cool spaces (cannot freeze), and applied after warming up when reached room temperature (21°C), otherwise glue’s components will not mix together. In such case glue should be warmed up in a room temperature for few hours. Glue cannot be warmed up too rapidly. Storage and usage time: 6 moths from date of production indicated on the glue’s label.
Glue is health hazardous and You must study adhesive’s MSDS before usage and absolutely apply to rules of conduct.

Klej MetalPlex
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