Klej PLEX 9021-0 - klej do liter przestrzennych 3d

Dense glue is applied after application of liquid glue. PLEX 9021-0 glue is a clear, one component glue. It is used for bonding 3D Profiles with front of letters of height up to 80cm. PLEX 9021-0 glue is sold in 1,2kg (1L) bottles. Glue should be stored in cool spaces (cannot freeze), and applied when reached room temperature (25°C).

One bottle of dense glue can bond 150-200m of 3D Profiles. Glue is applied with a use of clear 250ml dozing bottle with a nozzle. Glue should be applied few times as thin layers with 30m intervals. Time of initial bonding: 2 hours. Bonded elements should be ready to be removed from assembling table after that time. PLEX 9021-0 glue cannot be used with 3D Edge Profiles!

ATTENTION: Glue is health hazardous and You must study adhesive’s MSDS before usage and absolutely apply to rules of conduct. Do not use in spaces without appropriate ventilation. Absolutely use mask protecting face and air passages from glue’s vapours.

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