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Before starting the installer, please absolutely disable all anti-virus software and close Corel. Otherwise the installation may be corrupted and the program will not work properly.
ATTENTION:You must export your configuration settings to a file in the BPI program before installation, otherwise you will not be able to recover your individual settings.


Corel Graphics Suite 2023 - Bending Points Indicator
Corel Draw 2022-2023
Corel Draw 2021
Corel Draw 2020
Corel Draw 2019
Corel Draw 2019 SE
Corel Draw 2018
Corel Draw 2017
Corel Draw X8
Corel Draw X7

BPI works only on Windows 10/7 operating systems, and supports the following versions of CorelDraw:

  • Corel Draw X7,
  • Corel Draw X8,
  • Corel Draw 2017,
  • Corel Draw 2018,
  • Corel Draw 2019,
  • Corel Draw 2020.
  • Corel Draw 2021

Macro support in Corel is required. Non-standard versions such as SE and H&S are not supported.




Older versions not developed, without support for 3DS Automatic bender - 3DS Letter Bender.

Corel Draw X6
Corel Draw X5
Corel Draw X4
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