Automatyczna Giętarka do Liter przestrzennych - Letter Bender3D

  Automatic channel letter bender „Letter Bender 3D” is computer controlled machine created to support production of channel letters. Automatic letter bender is used for automatic bending of „3D-Profiles” made by 3D System company. Advantages of this machine are abilities of making curves, bending of the profile (without incision) and slitting (cutting). Machine was designed for making channel letters from 25-30 cm (depending on style of the letters) up to 140 cm height. „Letter bender 3D” works with 3D-Profiles up to 140 mm wide.

Main task of the machine is forming profiles into any shape and increase their quality,
shortening production of channel letters at the same time. Computer control of the machine is based on our own, original and tested software „Bending Points Indicator”, whichis used with success by our clients for printing bending points on 3D-Profiles over last few years.

Automatic channel letter bender is designed and manufactured from scratch in 3D System company and is the only product on Polish market made in 100% in Poland.

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